SMPS Certified Professional Services Marketer Program

Professional services marketing personnel face unique challenges in their industry, and SMPS recognized a need to help such individuals stand out and make greater strides in their field by earning certification through the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program. Those who complete the course and pass the exam earn a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) credential that acknowledges the achievement.

Based on the principals of Practice for Professional Services Marketers, the CPSM Program measures an applicant’s know-how and ability to apply knowledge in six core disciplines. Successful candidates are identified as having the mastery required to generate profitable business in the architectural, engineering and construction marketplaces. Those who complete the program are more marketable and can better augment strategies already in place at their company by learning how to identify new project opportunities, foster business alliances and reach a more extensive base of potential clients.

Making a steadfast commitment to continuing education and professional excellence puts Las Vegas AEC marketers ahead of their industry counterparts, and Las Vegas SMPS is delighted to assist members in achieving their CPSM credentials and offers a helpful Roadmap to Certification course that prepares participants for the CPSM exam during a two-day study program. To help with managing costs associated with attaining the CPSM designation, SMPS supports select candidates through its Certification Advancement Assistance (CAA) program.

The mission of SMPS is to educate and connect AEC professionals to prepare them for changes in the business climate and ultimately make them the most affluent in their respective locations. Professional service firms recognize SMPS as the foremost resource for building business and achieving greater milestones. Join Las Vegas SMPS to learn from trade leaders as they share the latest in marketing trends, tools, technology and research.