In 1973, a syndicate of professional services firm leaders in the AEC industry collaborated to create a consortium focused on providing architects, engineers and construction companies a means of pooling resources to make these interconnected businesses more powerful within their respective fields. The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) has grown to an impressive collection of over 6,000 marketing and business development gurus from architectural, engineering, planning, construction, interior design and specialty consulting firms, located throughout the United States and Canada.

The Las Vegas SMPS chapter was founded in 1998 and has created a platform for our area’s deal makers to work together to fortify their linked industries through networking, business development and the sharing of planning strategies. SMPS members benefit from the support of 3,700 design and building companies, encompassing 80 percent of the Engineering News-Record Top 500 Design Firms and Top 400 Contractors. Our Las Vegas chapter is honored to be part of such an influential establishment.

Joining Las Vegas’ Society for Marketing Professional Services

SMPS is the only national association in existence that creates an alliance for marketers, business developers, owners, clients, and principals in the building and design industries. Las Vegas members are able to tap into powerful national and regional networks to form teams, benefit from referrals and business intelligence, and measure performance. Relationships formed can be quite lucrative and offer Las Vegas professional service providers a competitive advantage in the area of positioning their firms successfully in the marketplace.

The perks of placing oneself in the good company of Las Vegas SMPS members are abundant and include:

Networking Opportunities Attending Las Vegas chapter events connects area residents with a valuable network of peers and potential clients.

Access to Quarterly Educational Seminars SMPS-hosted seminars are the premier way to stay ahead of the curve by keeping current with applicable business trends and changes in protocols.

Lunchtime Learning Lab Access Members have online access to regular 30-45 minute presentations covering skill-building topics centered on working smarter.

Earn Awards and Peer Recognition Successful firms and service marketing execs are recognized at the annual SMPS National Awards for their innovative efforts and achievements. The local SMPS Las Vegas chapter also hosts an Annual Awards Program to spotlight regional triumphs.

Business Development and Marketing Resources Members have access to SMPS National’s *Marketer* magazine, and other prudent research publications and white papers.

Leadership Opportunities Becoming involved in the Las Vegas chapter’s committees allows members to enhance their expertise and hone leadership skills.

National Directory and Resource Guide Access An online directory of all associates is made available and is easily searchable by name, location, firm, services and chapter.

Professional Development Opportunities Local, regional and national programs are sponsored by SMPS Las Vegas to address current issues and trends affecting the AEC industry.

Social Event Invitations Throughout the year, Las Vegas SMPS holds holiday and summer socials, and associates are encouraged to attend for not only the benefit of networking, but to also converse with like-minded professionals in a relaxed atmosphere.